Reporting Accidents To Police – Do I have to and when?

Many people are confused about what to do when they have had an accident and wonder if they should call the police.

You should call the Police Assistance Line (PAL) (131 444) if you were involved in a minor motor vehicle crash. A minor motor vehicle crash is an accident where:

– no vehicles needed to be towed from the scene of the accident
– no one was hurt
– each of the drivers provided their details at the scene
– none of the drivers was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

You must tell the police about an accident if:
– a person is killed or injured
– the other driver doesn’t stop and/or give you their details
– a vehicle involved has to be towed away.

It is an offence not to stop and give an injured person any assistance. It is also an offence not to stop and give the other driver, or anyone else involved in the accident, your details and the car owner’s details.

What if I have hit an animal? Do I have to report this to police?

If your vehicle requires towing from the scene of the accident (where you have hit the kangaroo), then yes, you are required by law to notify the police of the accident as the vehicle has to be towed from the scene.

This ruling also applies if you hit any other kind of animal including dog, cat, cow, horse etc, however if the animal is of a domestic or farming animal, police should be notified anyway, even if your vehicle does not require towing.

If you are unsure, you should contact the police anyway.

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