Shipping Containers

With our Tilt Tray truck, Snowy Towing is able to offer the sales & hire of 20′ Shipping Containers across the entire Snowy Mountains region.

A shipping container is a standerdised, reusable steel box used for the safe & efficient storage of materials & products.

20’ shipping containers offer the perfect solution to most storage container needs. Customers can choose from new, used or refurbished containers available in a variety of grades to suit individual requirements & budgets.

Shipping Containers
Constructed to meet the intense demands of sea travel, shipping containers are strong & secure. Most shipping containers are wind, water & vermin proof, ensuring your items are kept in premium conditions.

Shipping containers are easily portable allowing for relocation of your container whenever needed.

Ideal for storing personal effects, business documents, sporting equipment, tools, machinery & just about anything else.

Features & Benefits:

  • Safe & secure
  • Hire or sale
  • Portable storage


  • Storeroom
  • Workshop
  • Garage
  • Personal Storage
  • Business Storage

Various types of shipping containers include:

  • General 20ft Shipping Containers – the perfect solution to most storage problems.
  • High Cube 20ft Shipping Container – with an extra 30cm height, the High Cube container allows more room for storage & is ideal for larger items.
  • Pallet Wide High Cube 20ft Shipping Container – combines the extra height of a High Cube, with an extra 6cm width to allow two Australian standard pallets to sit side by side on the floor.

The High Cube & Pallet Wide products are of great value to the Australian domestic transport & removal industries as they allow a larger storage capacity without a significant increase to the external container dimensions.

Hire Rates

Shipping container hire rates vary from time to time, however generally you can hire a standard 20′ shipping container from around $5.50 (inc GST) per day/$165 (inc GST) per month, which includes a damage and liability waiver. This price is based on a 1-6 month hire term.

You may also wish to purchase a 20′ shipping container.

If you would like a quote on the purchase of a container, please contact Snowy Towing on 0424 827914 or email for a quotation and we can provide one based upon your requirements.

Delivery of Shipping Containers

There are several issues that will need consideration prior to the delivery of a 20′ shipping container.

Direction of the Container Doors

You will need to advise which direction the container should be loaded onto the truck.
This will affect the direction that the container will face once unloaded from the truck.

Surface of the Site

In order to ensure the correct operation of your container or portable building (including the efficient opening & closing of doors), it is best to ensure that your container sits on a level surface. The containers are often best kept by being placed on sleepers or concrete pads. We can assist you in determining the best solution for your needs.

Safety is the Number One Priority

To ensure a safe & efficient delivery, it is important to advise Snowy Towing of any obstructions that may impede the process including overhead wires & overhanging branches however we are not responsible in organising solutions to these obstructions such as tree/branch removal or the local electrical contractor in the event overhead wires are required to be moved.

Tilt Tray Truck Delivery

Our tilt tray truck is ideal for delivery to many locations. The container is loaded on the truck in the direction requested ensuring the unit will be in the correct position once delivered. The truck must reverse to the delivery point where the tray of the truck tilts to the ground & the container slides off the back.

Our 7.2m Tilt Tray Clearance Requirements:
Height – 4.8m
Width – 3m
Length – 14

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